foodies in Gubbio

Few days ago we went for an half day in Gubbio from il Fontanaro, it has been great day for all of us!


What to eat in Gubbio


1 La locanda del Pescatore: Via Ansidei, 3. They can serve up to 92 kind of row fish including: clams, Oysters, mussels, scampis , seabass, shrimps,

as well as some particular dishes such as “Cannolicchi limoni di mare, pagelle mandorle pie d’asino.” Ask of Nunzio, the owner!

2 La Taverna del Lupo, the real classic restaurant of Gubbio.

Make sure you say that my friend Raffaele send you there. It is a Chic and historical feeling. Ask of Viviana. Via Giovanni Ansidei 6


3 alla Balestra. This is where most local go and is of great value. A three truffles course plus dessert is  29.50 €. Ask for Marco. Via Repubblica 41.


Aperitivo in Gubbio:

Best Aperitivo at il Generale. Via dei quaranta martiri 1. Great selection of different types of cheeses and cold cuts charcoutrie.


To shop in Gubbio:

1 Ceramics: Unico Ceramica Contemporanea in via XX Settembre, 25.

best ceramic gubbio

best ceramic gubbio

2 Quality leather products: IKUNICO. Via Santa Maria Maddalena sn, Ponte d’Assi (Gubbio)

3 The best butcher. Fulvio Macelleria. Via Nicola Vantaggi.

4 The best place to buy Truffle in Gubbio is Delizie al tartufo. Via Cavour 3.