Discover the Charming Secrets of Panicale: A Hidden Gem in Umbria

Panicale is a Medieval village situated just 3 km from il Fontanaro Organic Farm house and 2,5 km from our village of Paciano.

estled amidst the rolling hills of Tuscany and Umbria lies a hidden gem waiting to be explored – the picturesque village of Panicale. Steeped in history, this enchanting destination offers a delightful retreat for travelers seeking an authentic Italian experience. From its narrow cobblestone streets to its breathtaking vistas, Panicale captivates visitors with its charming atmosphere and warm hospitality.

1. Immerse Yourself in History:

Step back in time as you wander through Panicale’s ancient streets, adorned with medieval architecture that has stood the test of time. Marvel at the history surrounding you, from the 14th-century fortress walls to the majestic Palazzo del Podestà. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the stunning Church of San Michele Arcangelo, renowned for its beautiful frescoes.

2. Explore the Piazzetta and Local Art:

Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the Piazzetta, Panicale’s main square. Take a moment to sip a coffee or indulge in a gelato while observing the local life pass by. Admire the exquisite works of renowned local artist, Pietro Vannucci (also known as Perugino), displayed in the Church of San Sebastiano – a true treat for art enthusiasts.

3. Take in Breathtaking Panoramic Views:

One of Panicale’s most awe-inspiring features is its panoramic viewpoint overlooking the lush countryside. Climb up to the Torre di Bandera, or Tower of the Flag, to witness a mesmerizing sunset that casts a golden glow on the surrounding landscapes. From here, the beauty of Tuscany and Umbria unfolds before your eyes.

4. Indulge in Authentic Cuisine:

Panicale’s culinary scene is a testament to the rich gastronomic traditions of the region. Relish in the flavors of Tuscan and Umbrian cuisine at local trattorias and restaurants, where you can savor dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. Don’t miss the chance to try the town’s famous Torta al Testo, a delicious flatbread filled with aromatic ingredients.

5. Experience the Festivals and Cultural Events:

Panicale comes alive with vibrant festivals and cultural events throughout the year. Plan your visit to coincide with the renowned Ruzzolone Festival, where locals partake in a thrilling game that involves rolling a wheel of cheese through the village streets. Delight in the festive ambiance and join in the revelry.

What we like more at the village of Panicale:

  • The Church of San Sebastian –Inside there is a Perugino fresco dates by 1.505.
  • The Fountain at Piazza Umberto – from 1.473 built in travertine, this was the village ancient well
  • Palazzo del Podestà, constructed in Lombard-Gothic style
  • Cesare Caporali Theatre, it woks all year and Saturday night there are often nice concerts! It was originally built in the XVIII Century!
  • Santuario di Mongiovino, est.  1646, outside the village.

Panicale has a nice international life, every year more and more people from all over the world come in this beautiful village. You can meet new friends every day if you spend some times at one of the foodies bar at Piazza Umberto I.

Panicale Best restaurants? Off course Masolino

Panicale Masolino restaurant

Panicale Masolino restaurant

Home made Street food and Pizza, in Panicale? (Open only in season).

At Cucina 5.0 by Gigi also at Piazza Umberto 1, n.8. To try pizza with truffle (when in season)  and lampredotto!

Each Second week of September there is a local wine festival  and during summer there are often free concerts at the main square.

At the village there is also a newspaper shop that sell international magazines and at the first bar on the right there is an international  book crossing corner and a fantastic view.



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