Kamars Ceramics, hand made Tuscan ceramics in Chiusi Chianciano, Siena. 

Artistic Ceramic Course (6 hours)

Crafts have been produced in our area for centuries and ceramics in particular have a leading role in this sector. On the slopes of Monte Cetona in primitive times the first ceramic artefacts were produced which, simply cooked in the direct flame of the fire, were then used by primitive men for daily use in the preparation of food. The Etruscans then a few millennia later refined the technique and thanks to commercial relations with the populations of the Mediterranean basin they perfected the quality of the artifacts. Fortunately, even today in modern times, this noble tradition of ceramics still exists and continues and thanks to the geology and variety of our territory, some materials such as clays and colors, or almost all of them, can be recovered directly on the place of origin. The processing of ceramics and above all clay, like wine and like many other works, need quite long technical times but we will try to summarize them in a single day and then arrive at the final baking of your works which will take place in the historic laboratory Kamars.


Aim of the course: The course explores the basic techniques for the production of ceramic objects for all those who simply want to try, experiment or approach this ancient art.

What you will learn: With this course, the student approaches the essential techniques of ceramic turning and decoration, learning and experimenting with the various traditional techniques used in Tuscany.

Artifacts: All the artifacts made by the students are their property and will be delivered to them at the end of the course after the baking (at least 2 days later).

Title obtained with participation in the course: Certificate of attendance and participation issued by Master Artisan Flavio F. Foderini, owner of the Kamars Art Workshop.

Materials and tools: all included (ceramic object, colors, glazes, brushes, dusters, protective aprons, lathes, 2 electric lathes, various tools and final firing)

Frequency: 6 hours

Participants: from 8 to 15 students


  • Introduction to ceramics: what it is
  • Ceramic products: brief description of majolica, glazed, porcelain, stoneware, etc.
  • The essential equipment for the production (machines, brushes, lathes, etc.)
  • Analysis of coatings: glazes, colours
  • Sanding, cleaning and glazing of the ceramic object
  • Cleaning of excess enamel with a sponge
  • Pictorial decoration exercises: drawing and transfer with dusting
  • Painting exercises on biscuit/terracotta or varnished enamel
  • Explanation of ovens: types, temperatures, stacking for baking
  • Explanation and demonstration of the technique of storing objects in the kiln and baking techniques.



  • Brief history of the evolution of the lathe over the centuries and explanation of the functioning of the machine and the pedal.
  • Demonstration of how to behave during processing.
  • Clay preparation (beating to avoid clay unevenness and to eliminate air bubbles).
  • Placing the clay on the wheel and centering it (this will be the most challenging phase for the participants). The different positioning and the force impressed by the hands on the clay will vary its shape and dimensions leading to the creation of the first simple and primitive form: a bowl.
  • Cutting of the finished product and positioning on drying trolleys. Your works, after baking and cooling, which will last a few days, will be ready and you can therefore take them into your home to remember this day dedicated to Art and Creativity.


– For groups from 8 to 15 people at the Kamars Ceramics Workshop € 25 per hour per person (VAT included) – € 150 per person for 6 hours

– For groups from 8 to 15 people at a Villa or Casale in our area € 35 per hour per person (VAT included) –    € 210 per person for 6 hours

– Smaller groups can be arranged on request

At the shop you can order special design ceramics (they delivered all over the world) and if you have time also enjoy a one to one ceramic class.

A lot of Pottery of il Fontanaro comes from Kamars ceramics!

Special treatments for the slow cooking school, il fontanaro and the tuscany umbria blog readers!

Where: Str. St. 146 Querce al Pino, 54047 Chiusi (Siena). 200 mt after Chiusi Chianciano high way exit –  tel/fax (0039) 0578 274047   http://www.kamars.it/



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