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A Day with Burri: A Mother-Daughter Journey into Color and Form

Last week, my daughter Stella and I stepped into the world of Alberto Burri at the Ex Seccatoi del Tabacco. Celebrating the 109th anniversary of his birth, the “BURRI: Tempere 1947-1990” exhibition was a mesmerizing labyrinth of over a hundred artworks, many just as eager to meet the public gaze as we were to behold them.

Through Burri’s tempera journeys, Stella and I discovered a symphony of colors that defied traditional harmony, compositions that played with the scales of form and invention. This visit wasn’t just a view into Burri’s genius; it was a shared adventure into the vibrancy of life and art.

At the Fondazione Burri, visitors have the unique opportunity to engage deeply with the life and work of Alberto Burri. The permanent collection boasts a breadth of his artistic achievements.

Moreover, the foundation has incorporated a cinematic experience that delves into Burri’s creative process, allowing guests to witness the evolution of his techniques and themes. Interactive narratives accompany the exhibits, guiding visitors like Stella and me through the stories behind each piece, creating an immersive journey that intertwines Burri’s legacy with the sensory exploration of his art.

It’s an encounter that bridges the gap between viewer and creator, enhancing the appreciation of Burri’s groundbreaking contributions to modern art!