Have some meditaton with us, discover the holy wine! Discover Avignonesi vineyard!

Would you find a reason why to erase stress for a day?

Come with us and visit the Avignonesi vineyard.

This is the perfec time to descover and see how do they prepare the real Italian holy wine, called Vin Santo, and even more, The Occhio di Pernice, a real Grand cru, the real Italian top one, made with San Giovese grapes.

Drinking a glass of this wine for us means to forgot all our problems!

Occhio di Pernice Super wine by the historical maison Avignonesi is one of the best of the world!

By the 1st of December and the 31st of March you can visit the cellar where the grapes mature in a room between 10° and 15° degrees and with a special humidity. Have a look on the pictures and be inspired! His yeast is more than 200 years old!

Each year they can make only 1.800bottles (0,365 lt) of Occhio di Pernice and 2.200 of the white classical version of Vin Santo.

All wines are now organic and they really care of all biodinamical methods.

Tour and Wine tasting are available from Monday to Friday, March 7th through December 22nd, and Saturdays from May through October.

Only tastings are available on Sundays.

Each tour is limited to 12 people.
Total length of this activity: 1.5 hours