The Marmore Falls are the highest man-made waterfalls in Europe (165m) and as such provide a spectacular alternative to castles and vineyards.

The Romans  create the Falls in 290 BC when they dug a canal to drain the wetlands and diverted the water over a natural cliff.

The water flow is now controlled by a hydroelectric dam and the water is released between 11am and  1pm daily for the benefit of the tourists.

Watching the waterfall transition from a mere trickle to a raging torrent is the  most amazing sight! To get the full experience wait at the bottom observation  area until the flow starts then hike up the trail to get a closer look at each Fall.

A rain jacket/poncho is recommended at some of the observation locations.

The Falls are located just east of Terni, a 90 minute drive from Paciano, so a reasonably early start is recommended .You will also avoid the crowds that  tend  to turn up after 11am.

Here is the map to reach the Marmore Falls From il Fontanaro organic farm and culinary school.