The name Scacciadiavoli comes from a nickname given to an exorcist who lived in a village at the edge of the property in Umbria.

The legend says that one day a young woman who seemed to be possesed was entrusted to him, to free her from a demon. Using his potions and infusions, he tried to help her, but it was of no use, until he tried the “if all else fails” remedy, making her drink the red wine from the area until she was drunk. The girl came back to her senses: it was the wine of the exorcist which freed the girl from her demons. In time, the village where the exorcist lived, and the whole zone including the property of the Prince, came to be called Scacciadiavoli.

It is one of the oldest wineries in the Montefalco territory.

The cantina was realized in the second half of the 1800s, when Prince Boncompagni left Rome to dedicate himself to the production of wine. It was in the period of the second Industrial Revolution that the Prince founded the “factory” of wine: a noble wine complex which could produce almost 1 million bottles.

Info and booking: For guided tours with wine tasting RESERVATION are needed. or on 0742 / 371210

PHOTO CREDIT Scacciadiavoli 1

PHOTO CREDIT Scacciadiavoli