This what my daughter Stella asked me while visiting Madonna delle Querce.

A real paradise for pigs of Cinta Senese.

should i eat Ciro or Should I pet Ciro

should i eat Ciro or Should I pet Ciro


Here you can have a farm tour and than a wild pork Cinta senese tasting, all in 1 hour tour and tasting.

Madonna delle Querce  farm breeds Cinta Senese pigs in a semi-wild environment in Montepulciano, a lovely town near Siena.

The Cinta Senese is a very strong ancient pig breed that is all black with a white belt (cinta in Italian means belt).

At this farm they  pride theirselves on natural feeding, wood pasture, hut pigsty and attention to every pig. Besides, they  also breed the Grigio della Querce, a kind of pig that comes from the crossbreed between the Cinta Senese pig and the Large White. The cold-cuts made from the latter are rich in flavour but also low-fat.

Where:  Fattoria Madonna della Querce di Paolucci Roberto

Via Madonna della Querce snc 53045  – Montepulciano (SI) ITALY

To Book:

Or Call:  +39 3493417301 – You can say that you come from Alina!

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Here is a list of their events for this summer 2022.