cetona suzies yard

Suzie’s Yard is a 14-hectare organic farm located at the feet of Mount Cetona (SI).

They serve what we grow in their intimate farm restaurant open in summer Friday to Sunday. By reservation only.

To try and buy their great red wine.
It all began with a passion for organic, going on to plant 1,4 hectares of vineyard in 2013, they chose grapes that they liked and that would do well in their clay soil.
Everything is done manually, using sustainable techniques and materials, combining the best of traditional and contemporary knowledge. They make a wine that is a unique blend in Cetona area, producing 3,000 bottles a year.
They can ship anywhere in the world.

Choose whether to be served at a table, or take a picnic into the vineyard.. take a yoga class, a painting class, or have a massage before you eat. Perfect stop off place for anyone cycling, ebiking or hyking.

More info at: https://www.suziesyard.com/en/home

Where: Strada Statale 321 Sud 30, 53040 Cetona (Siena), Italy

Restaurant Hours
Open every day. Closed Wednesdays. Advance reservation required by law.

Lunch served at the table from 13:00

Apericena from 18:30

Book take-away from their menu

+39 348 854 3665