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How to survive Vegan Tuscany and Umbria?

🌱 Unveiling Vegan-friendly Destinations in Tuscany and Umbria 🌱

Looking for the perfect vegan-friendly getaway? Look no further than the beautiful regions of Tuscany and Umbria, where a myriad of incredible places await to cater to your plant-based needs. ✨🌿

In Tuscany, the charming city of Florence offers a plethora of vegan options. Be sure to visit the bustling Sant’Ambrogio Market, where you can find an array of fresh fruits, vegetables, and local vegan products. Indulge in the beauty of Florence’s renowned landmarks while relishing in the fulfilling and cruelty-free cuisine this incredible city has to offer. Best vegan soupRibollita🍝🍕🍨

As you venture into Umbria, the city of Perugia beckons with its enchanting vegan culinary scene. Stroll through its vibrant streets and find an array of vegan options, including plant-based twists on regional favorites like truffle dishes and hearty vegan  vegetable soups. 🍫🌿

In the peaceful hilltop towns of Orvieto and Assisi, you’ll also discover hidden vegan gems. Savor flavorful vegan pizzas, handmade pasta, and enticing plant-based delicacies that will leave you longing for more. Take in the stunning landscapes, relish in the tranquil ambiance, and let the vegan-friendly atmosphere of these towns transport you to a place of pure bliss. 🌳💫

Some restaurants vegan friendly: 

  • Arezzo osteria dei mercanti (vegan friendly)
  • L’Oca Bruciata in Paciano
  • La solita zuppa  in Chiusi, Siena
  • Bistrot del Duca in Citta’ della Pieve
  • Konnubio in Florence
  • L’Ov, restaurant, is a vegetarian restaurant in Firenze with good vegan options.
  • Also a great address is Giumella, sano, vegano Toscano, for vegan gastronomy, also take away
  • Green go is a sustainable shop in Florence, with nice vegan options, it is a restaurant, bar and shop

To taste vegan typical dishes: 

  • Panzanella (only in summer)
  • In Umbria the pizza onion and sage is a great option.
  • Torta al testo filled with vegetables at Maria la pizza più buona che ci sia, or better Da Faliero, along lake Trasimeno.
  • Fagiolini del Trasimeno (beans) and  Fagioli all’uccelletto, local beans usually made vegan style
  • Pasta e fagioli
  • Pasta al tartufo (truffle)
  • Pasta all’aglione that is a spicy tomatoes sauce made with a special garlic of Val di Chiana, Tuscany and Umbria.
  • Risotto al Sagrantino
  • La Vignarola (only in April)
  • Carciofi alla giudia (from Roma)
  • Caponata (from Sicily)
  • Pizza marinara
  • Cimbelline al vino
  • Castagnaccio
  • Also you can have a cooking class with slow cooking school in Paciano or at your villa, on request we are happy to accomodate vegan options.