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Experience Tuscany and Umbria this February

Winter Exploration: Unforgettable Experiences Tuscany and Umbria this February!

Embarking on a unique getaway to Tuscany and Umbria this February promises to be a memorable experience. Despite the cooler temperatures, there are numerous events happening in these regions that add a touch of vibrancy and cultural richness to your trip. From carnivals to culinary festivals, we’ve curated a list of event highlights that should not be missed during your visit!

1. Carnevale di Foiano – Foiano della Chiana, South Tuscany:

Join the locals in Foiano della Chiana as they celebrate Carnevale, a festive tradition dating back centuries. Prepare to be amazed by spectacular parades, colorful costumes, music, and dances. This lively event takes place throughout the month of February and is a delightful experience for all ages.

From January 28th and each Sunday in February.

2. Fiera del Cioccolato Artigianale in Terni – 9 to 18th of February.

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Explore the stalls offering a wide array of delectable treats, attend workshops to learn about chocolate production, and savor the unique flavors of artisanal chocolates.

3. Perugia and the San Sisto carnival. February 4 in san Sisto,  February 11  at piazza Martinelli and  February 13 the parade will be at Corso Vannucci at the historical center.

4 Brunello Crossing. February 10 and 11. 45/ km run.

Remember to check the specific dates and details of these events as they may vary from year to year. These highlights ensure a diverse and exciting itinerary for your February journey through South Tuscany and North Umbria!

5 Arezzo Vintage Market, the Italian biggest monthly antique market. On February 4 and 5

6. Taste Firenze, the best selection of Italian food from small selected farms and companies.  A journey into the diversity of taste. February 3 to 5.  at Fortezza dal basso.