“Once you have learned to fly, you will walk the earth looking up at the sky because that is where you have been and that is where you will want to return”!!!

(Leonardo da Vinci)

Believe me this is truly the best  balloon experience in Tuscany and in Umbria.

One of the best gift to receive!

This  experience (with TorreNera balloon) usually starts between 6 and 8 in the morning (it depends of the season and forecast).

In flight among the Italian beauties of Tuscany and Umbria.

The great professionalism and twenty years of experience in aeronautics and balloon flights of TorreNera balloon allows you to discover the most beautiful Regions in the world from a unique and unrepeatable point of view, guaranteeing maximum safety at all times of your experience.

They also will be happy to offer you a toast with your pilot who will give you the baptism of flight.

During the flight, their crew will follow the balloon’s route from the ground, then help in the deflation operations and will accompany you back to the take-off point.

  • Please Note, to fly you must be 8 years of age and taller than 130 cm, necessary to be able to see outside the spacecraft and be able to get out independently.
  • Cost from 270 euro in Tuscany and 250 in Umbria for the sharing experience, or from 1.400 euro for the private experience.  Included is the aperitivo with wines!
  • Special treatments  onboard for the  Slow cooking school and il Fontanaro guests and off course the Tuscany Umbria Blog readers!


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Flight reservations and info: +39 333 8521472