March in Tuscany and Umbria

March is a wonderful time to visit Tuscany and Umbria, with its blend of cultural, culinary, and historical events. Immerse yourself in the local traditions, indulge in delicious food, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.


  • On March 8th, Women’s Day is celebrated,  La festa della Donna, and in Tuscany and Umbria, it is customary to give mimosa flowers to women as a symbol of appreciation. This day is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the achievements and contributions of women.


  • From March 12, not to miss in Citta’ di Castello, the Burri, art exhibition, at ex essicatoi del tabacco, via Francesco Pierucci, 2.


  • San Gimignano venerates Santa Fina on March 12th with a market in Piazza del Duomo,  She was the patron saint and she died in March 12 1253!


  • In Orvieto, from 14th to 19th of March, lets celebrate the  Festa di San Giuseppe. Sunday 17 March will be Saint Patrick’s Day at St. Patrick’s Well and the Spring Walk is planned. The traditional distribution of St. Joseph’s pancakes will be held on March 19th in Piazza Duomo.



  • The street food festival in Sinalunga offers a wide variety of delicious and unique dishes to indulge in. Dates:  Saturday 16th March 2024 at 9.15pm  and  Sunday 17th March 2024 at 5pm.


  • In Torrita di Siena, you can witness the famous Donkey Race, 16 to 24 of March 2024, accompanied by medieval markets and social dinners. And in San Giovanni D’asso, the Marzuolo Truffle Festival showcases the culinary delights of the season



  • Florence and Pisa New Year Celebrations: These are held on March 25th, commemorating the old New Year’s Day with parades in historical costume . March 25th.


  • Easter in Castiglion Fiorentino is full of suggestions, with traditional events that excite everyone, including hooded figures and lit torches. As per tradition, in the week preceding the anniversary, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday (26, 27 and 29 March), processions take place. Three exits, one for each Company, with the hooded brothers who, torch in hand, move along the alleys of the historic center, carrying Crosses and simulacra. Great solemnity is also due to the participation of the band and its accompanying music.


  • March 30th  to April 1st the Easter market in Citta’ della Pieve.

easter in umbria

  • March 31 in Florence, the Scoppio del Carro The most awaited event of Easter in Florence is undoubtedly the impressive “Explosion of the Cart” (or Esplosione del Carro), Starting at about 11am in Piazza del Duomo.


  • In Assisi lets celebrate the Settimana Santa. On Holy Thursday, the “Deposition of the Crucifix”, also called “Scavigliazione”, is celebrated in the Cathedral of S. Rufino, a traditional moment that takes inspiration from an ancient lauda (an important sacred song in the vernacular) about the Passion, defined for this reason as “Lauda of Scavigliazione”. On the morning of Good Friday the Dead Christ is transferred from the Cathedral of S. Rufino (seat of the Patron Saint of Assisi) to the Papal Basilica of S. Francesco, and in the afternoon the “Three Hours of Agony” are celebrated. In the evening, Assisi is illuminated by the torches of the Procession of the Brotherhoods in which all the brotherhoods participate which cross the city starting from the Basilica of San Francesco to bring the Dead Christ back to the cathedral. On Easter Sunday, the day of the Resurrection of Christ, solemn masses in all the churches and then, the family eats the traditional Easter breakfast with capocollo, boiled eggs, torcolo, chocolate, Easter cake with cheese and dessert.


  • Up to April 14 in Montepulciano, the Easter Festival 


  • In Panicale, on Easter Sunday there will be the cheese game!

For more detailed information and to explore additional events, you can visit the official tourism websites and dedicated event pages of Tuscany and Umbria:

Tuscany Official Tourism Website and Umbria Official Tourism Website