Chiusi Lake  in the heart of Valdichiana, it  is situated at few  kilometer from Chiusi Chianciano, Siena Provence.

It is a beautiful lake to visit all seasons.

  • This lake has had a primary importance in the history of the old city of Chiusi, that has always argued its possession against Umbria. The two military defence towers of “Beccati Questo” (take this) and “Beccati Quello” (take that), both built in the narrowest point of the valley, prove the ancient rivalry between Tuscans and Umbrians, and still nowadays mark the limits of the two Regions.
  • The lake is also one of the most remarkable places of interest along the Path of the Reclaimed Land, il sentiero della bonifica,  a bicycle and pedestrian path of 62 km, that joins Chiusi with Arezzo.


chiusi lake

chiusi lake

The path, completely flat, follows the river Chiana and goes through an extraordinary land rich in history, traditions and natural treasures.

  • In Spring you may enjoy the pic-nic area with public barbecue and  a dedicated children’s area. There are two restaurants located at water edge.
  • The Pesce D’Oro.  Where you can also eat in the garden (we prefer this option). So while booking. please ask: “il tavolo in giardino grazie”.
  • Gino, at a walking distance from il Pesce d’Oro. Also they serves good food. But they have less wine options.

To fish at the lake: A.S.D. Lenza Etrusca Chiusi