Are you looking for a Wine tour in Montalcino?

Visit Cupano Wine Estate

We’ve met Cupano Wines  this February at the Internantional Brunello of Montalcino presentation 2015. “Benvenuto Brunello”.

Onrnella & Lionel are great persons! We belive more in family run estate, where you can breath the authentique Tuscan hospitality rather than visiting the big Company who produce litres like Coca Cola does! This is why we promote here this wine tour in Montalcino

Their Brunello di Montalcino 2005 appeared on Aspen 82 talk and variety show «The Lift» with Francesco Vigorito from Italian Wine Merchants:
Their  Brunello of  Montalcino 2010 appears among the best Brunellos on Falstaff Magazin latest issue:
Here are some technical details for your joy:
Area: 34 ha
Area of vineyard: 7ha (17,30 acre) including 3ha (7,4 acre) of new plantation
Average altitude: 200 m
Geological composition: sandy clay with large substructure of cobble stones
Type of cultivation: organic, certified by ICEA
Farming method: spurred cordon
Density of vines: 6250 ha
Average production per ha: 35/45 ql
Harvest: manual, collected in crates
Production: 13.000/14.000 bottles
Wood: oak barrels, 228lt, from central France
Malolactic fermentation : in wood on the lees
If you like, before organizing  the visit, have a look on the  vademecum by Janice Cable
Moreover…be connected… you can find now “cupanomontalcino” on Instagram and if you like have a look on what happens at this wine estate.
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Facebook: CupanoMontalcino

Twitter: Cupano_Brunello
Instagram: cupanomontalcino
Linkedin: Cupano

Where: CUPANO loc. Camigliano, pod. Centine 31 – 53024 Montalcino (SIena) Italy

tel. +39 0577 816055, cel. +39 377 2433549