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Lace museum at Island Maggiore

lake trasimeno - where we rent the boat to go to the island

1) Lace museum in Island Maggiore, Lake Trasimeno.

Every day open in Summer:  9.500/1.30– 2.00/5.50 PM;
Ask: Nadia Pasquali.

Where: Via Guglielmi · 06069 Isola Maggiore (PG) · Italy
Tel. 075 8254233

This Museum is pet friendly.

Ticket is 1 euro per person, arrive by public boat from Castiglion del Lago, Tuoro or Passignano.

Here is the yearly ferry schedule:

Also you can hire a rubber boat at  to better enjoy the island

At the beginning of the twentieth century was the Marchesa Elena Guglielmi, who had his personal service of Irish origin, to found a school lab lace-up Ireland, made in imitation of or crocheted Irish lace, called Youghal, born around 1840 because of the ban on imports from the continent of bobbin laces of Flanders and France.
The school workshop had as purpose to teach “the end of Irish lace daughters of fishermen on the island” already experienced in simple crocheting, weaving and fishing nets, “in addition to allowing women some financial independence that is” the first pass into the possession of civil rights. ”

Also visit:  Tull museum in Panicale

Matteucci Paola organizes courses on tulle with embroidery technique “Panicalensins Ars” Ars Panicalensins the Municipal School (founded in February 2006) managed by the city and the tourist board.

Classes  are held from late September to late May and are for everyone from entry level onwards, yo book in advance.

Where and info:  Via Brodolini, 30 · 06064 Panicale (PG) · Italy
Tel. 075 837523 · Fax 075 837523 · Cell 348 2451350
e-mail:  Ask:  Paola Matteucci.

The embroidery on tulle or Ars Panicalensis (Panipat), was taken from ancient local traditions, was revised and simplified in the 20s by Anita Belleschi Griffin, who founded a school of embroidery on tulle, which gave the opportunity for many women in the country to be economically independent.