Tuscany, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and rich culinary traditions, is a paradise for food lovers. When it comes to cheese, this region stands out with its exceptional dairy products that have delighted palates for centuries. If you’re a cheese enthusiast looking for an unforgettable gourmet experience, join us as we explore the best cheese tours Tuscany has to offer.

  • Organic Farms and Pecorino Delights:

Embark on a magical journey through the rolling hills of Tuscany’s countryside to discover the secrets behind the region’s famous pecorino cheese. Visit organic farms where sheep graze freely, feasting on local herbs that impart a unique flavor to the cheese. Learn from passionate cheesemakers about the art of transforming milk into creamy, savory pecorino. Delight your taste buds with a guided tasting of various pecorino varieties, complemented by locally produced wines.

  • Unveiling the Secret of Fresh Ricotta:

Discover firsthand the delicate and divine flavors of fresh ricotta cheese during a cheese tour that focuses on this beloved Tuscan specialty. Visit small, local dairies where artisans carry on the traditions of ricotta-making passed down through generations. Witness the fascinating craftsmanship as curds are carefully heated and transformed into pillowy ricotta. Savor this fresh delight with accompaniments such as honey or freshly baked bread.

  •  A Journey to Pienza: Home of Pecorino di Pienza:

Pienza, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is the birthplace of Pecorino di Pienza, a cheese that epitomizes the excellence of Tuscan dairy products. Explore the charming streets of this medieval town and visit artisanal cheese shops that proudly showcase their finest pecorino selections. Dive into the world of this unique cheese through tastings that reveal its diverse flavor profiles, from mild to intense.

Here is our proposal  for the best Tuscany Cheese tours:

  1. Enjoy half day at Podere il Casale for us, one of the best Tuscany cheese tour.

This unique organic farm of 170 acres is located on the stunning Val d’Orcia, part of the World UNESCO Heritage.

We are sure that Sandra and Ulisse the owners, will be happy together with their staff to welcome you at the farm for an organic lunch paired with the farm and Tuscany cheese tour.

They produce most of the vegetable served at lunch and also they have a good quality Extra Virgin Organic Olive oil.

They also have organic grain field to make their own dry pasta and organic bread and also

Cinta senese pork’s to make salami!

But the best farm highlights are the 150 sheep and 50 goats around the estate.

They produce incredible cheese. For us the best Tuscany cheese tour in the area!

More than all we’ve loved the caprino cheese! Healthy and dietetic but also very tasty.

We really enjoyed it that for is is one of the best Tuscany cheese tour.  We loved meeting Sandra and Ulisse and getting to see the making of goat cheese, fresh ricotta and pecorino cheese!

They have been really delightful explaining how the cheese was made and the importance of growing organic, local foods.

Afterwards we had an amazing lunch, whipped up with all the wonderful fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses grown and made on the farm. Please, don’t forget to make a reservation before coming through, they are open over the weekends but in high season they are very booked so better to call few days in advance!

You can go in name of Il Fontanaro Organic farm, Villas and Cooking school ! We are clients since 10 years more or less!

Also double check directions well…I get lost more than one time!


More info for this best Tuscany cheese Tour:


2) Visit Cugusi cheese farm between Montepulciano and Pienza.

Immerse yourself in the world of cheese as you take a tour of our state-of-the-art facility. Discover the secrets behind our renowned Cugusi cheese, made using traditional methods passed down through generations. Witness the craftsmanship and devotion that goes into every block of cheese we produce.


After the insightful tour, indulge in a cheese picnic under the shade of ancient olive trees. Taste the exceptional flavors of our Cugusi cheese as you savor each bite in the peaceful ambiance of our olive grove. Let the rich aroma and smooth texture of the cheese whisk you away to a world of pure gastronomic delight. THIS IS REALLY ONE OF THE BEST CHEESE TOUR AND CHEESE IN TUSCSNY.