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Tuscany and Umbria in May: Celebrating Spring with Unique Local Events

may in tuscany and umbria

Tuscany and Umbria in May: Celebrating Spring with Unique Local Events

As the landscapes of Tuscany and Umbria burst into full bloom, the regions offer a variety of events that capture the vibrant local culture and springtime festivities. If you find yourself in these enchanting parts of Italy this May 2024, here are some can’t-miss events to add to your itinerary.

Antique Markets in Arezzo May 3 and 4

• Location: Arezzo, Tuscany

• Event Type: Market

• Description: Wander through one of the largest antique markets in Italy, held in the charming city of Arezzo. Hunt for treasures among the countless stalls showcasing jewelry, furniture, and art.


Sarteano Green festival 3, 4 and 5 of May 

• Location: Sarteano, Siena Tuscany

• Event Type: Events/music

• Description:  3 Day of music and events in Sarteano. More info at pro loco Sarteano



Pienza Flower 5 to 19 of May 

• Location: Arezzo, Tuscany

• Event Type: Flowers

• Description: 37th edition of “Pienza and the Flowers” ​​Traditional appointment with garden setup in Piazza Pio II and market exhibition of plants and flowers ProLoco Pienza and Natural Shopping Center



Calendimaggio  in Assisi 8,9, 10 of May

• Location: Assisi, Umbria

• Event Type: Historical Event

• Description: The origins of May Day are lost in time, they are linked to pagan customs which celebrated with different rites but all marked by joy, the return of spring and therefore the renewal of the cycle of life. They were demonstrations born from the sentiment of the ancient Umbrian people. The spirit with which the spring festival was conformed was a hymn to love and the rediscovered joy of living after the harsh and cold days of winter.


The agricultural fair   9,10,11 and 12 of May

• Location: Tre Berte, Montepulciano, Siena

• Event Type: Agricolture, food, Chianina Cow and horses

• Description:at le Tre berte every year the local association show their products and arts. You will see horse parades and can take par to the social dinner and lunches! The location is on the side of Hotel Tiziana.


The Festival of Ceri in Gubbio May 15

• Location: Gubbio, Umbria

• Event Type: Cultural/Festival

• Description: Witness the exciting and colorful Festival of Ceri, a traditional race where teams carry massive wooden candles through crowds up to the Basilica of St. Ubaldo, all amidst a vibrant celebration.


Wine Music green Festival in Citta’ della Pieve May: 17.18.19 

• Location: Citta’ della Pieve, Umbria

• Event Type: Wine/Music/Festival

• Description: Wine and Music together along Citta’ della Pieve.



Street Food Festival San Sepolcro 

• Location: San Sepolcro, Arezzo, Tuscany

• Event Type: Food

• Description: At Viale Diaz from 11.00 AM to 11.00 PM


Perugia Flower Show May 25 and 26 

• Location: Villa del Colle, Perugia

• Event Type: Flowers

• Description: A nice local flower show


Radda In the Glass, 25 and 26 of May 

• Location: Radda in Chianti, Siena, Tuscany

• Event Type: Wine Festival

• Description:  RADDA IN THE GLASS Radda in Chianti Pro-Loco – PROLOCO ASSOCIATION OF RADDA IN CHIANTI APS Piazza Castello.


Pasta Pici festival – May 24 to 26

• Location: Celle Sul Rigo, San casciano dei Bagni,  Siena, Tuscany

• Event Type: Food Festival

• Description:  all about big lunch and dinner with home made pici al sugo!


Madrevite: wine music and sunset  – May 25 and 26

• Location: Madrevite

• Event Type: Wine

• Description:  Let’s celebrate an infinity sunset overlooking lake of Chiusi with Slow Food wine, Dj and Tuscan and Umbrian food tracks. To bring: a blanket!


Wine Days, Open Cellars  in Tuscany and Umbria 

• Location: Tuscany and Umbria 

• Event Type: Wine

• Description: Few days  to discover some of the best wine cellars with special events,