Butchers in Tuscany and Umbria

Here in Umbria and Tuscany butcher shops are our boutique where we love shopping 2 times per week..at least!

What to Buy first: First of all the Chianina that comes from Val di Chiana and  guarantees us the finest taste.  It is extremely flovury and with a low fat content. This is an IGP product of Umbria and Tuscany.

Second, Maialino di Cinta senese (Tuscan senese pork). This is our favorite and we love in particular, guanciale di cinta senese to make our Matriciana and or Carbonara Pasta! Also the lardo di cinta senese (Cinta senese Lard) to meld with your finger into the toasted bread. The Lard of Cinta senese is a Slow Food Presidium.  The pigs grow free in the forests eating grass and and corns.

Butchers in Umbria and Tuscany – list of some of the best around us

  • La CHIANINA DI MANIERI  – via Trieste , 23 – Chiusi Scalo (SI) – Tel/Fax 0578 21183. It’s a butcher shop run by people with a long experience in the industry and always ready to meet your needs. Its motto is “quality and courtesy”. http://www.carnechianina.net/
  • Luca at Po Bandino, you can go in our name.  The original name is Ansano, here is the website for you: https://www.macelleriansano.com/ Be patient if you find the sign “Torno Subito” on the shop window, this is a family run business and sometimes they have to run for their kids!
  • And also the historical Macelleria Pisi, from 1870 in Chiusi old town (up the hill). https://www.macelleriapisi.it/
  • BUTCHER IN PACIANO – A small but equipped butcher  where you can make special order for Chianina, wild chicken and more. Here you can also have aperitivo with salami and take away.  It is at Piazza della Repubblica, 4, Paciano Perugia –

If you are in Chianti Area, do not miss ANTICA MACELLERIA CECCHINI, Via XX Luglio, 11 Panzano in Chianti Firenze – tel. +39 055 852020  Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday /Sunday 9 – 14 – Friday /Saturday 9 – 18. http://www.dariocecchini.com/dariocecchini/

Also  don’t miss ANTICA MACELLERIA FALORNI,  the historical butcher where since the 1729 you can find the specialties of the local  norcineria, the Prosciutto Saporito di Greve and all the bagged, products also in the version of pig of Surrounded Senese and with wild boar, from the Finocchiona to the Noble Salami of Heavy in Chianti, realized with the noble parts of the pork, still to the Salami to the Classical Chianti. Where:  Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 71 at Greve in Chianti, Firenze –   http://www.falorni.it

Shops in Tuscany are usually opened by 9.30 AM to 1.00 PM and by 4.30 or 5.00 PM in summer to 7.30 PM – Never on Sunday – Local food store  all are closed on Thursday in Umbria and on Wednesday in Tuscany.