Dear reader, dear guest,

May we give you a very warm Italian welcome to our villas  here at Fontanaro, Paciano.
We are delighted you have chosen to read our local travel blog dedicated to this beautiful corner of Umbria Tuscany. This is an area bursting with historical sites, activities, beautiful countryside and picturesque towns, all waiting for you to explore.

In this blog we have compiled some ideas and suggestions of things to see and do in our area, as well as information about the home which may be useful during your stay.

Our staff will be delighted to assist with local information, and if you require some activity planning we will be happy to make reservations and recommendations to make your stay with us as memorable as we can. So….

Welcome to the Umbria Tuscany review.

We are doing our best to enanche your experience in South Tuscany and North Umbria, collectiong informations, events, translating restaurants menu.

Umbria and Tuscany are the Food and Wine region of Italy, but the also have a great history that start from the Etruscans!

Our aim is to share our slow living life with you.

We would like to highlight the great cultural and eno gastronomic heritage.

What’s on in Tuscany? What’s on in Umbria? There is an undiscovered world, to experience here, from hidden Medieval Village to the old  artesan who make this area unique and authentique.

We owns some villas and a eco farm and we are year all year long visiting for you new wineries, shops, restaurants in order to give you updated informations!