Enjoy fine organic wines  stroll through beautiful gardens, call Fontesecca vineyards home.  A place where friends become family. And kids are always welcome!

Three Donkeys and happy goats and some cute cats will entertain your kids while you will discover a little piece of paradise in Città della Pieve, only 15 minutes from our villas of il Fontanaro.

Paolo Bolla the owner, winemaker and father of 3 girls has  four generations  heritage from Verona  wines. 

He produce only 20.000 bottles per year on 6,5 nectars of vineyards.

What make its wines unique? 

Wines are not filtrated and he doesn’t use yeast on the wine process. Moreover the use of sulphates is less than the ones allowed for the organic production certification.

The vineyard land is characterised over Millenia by water, sand, clay, volcanic tufa… and salt, still betraying its marine origin in the composition of the skeleton-rich tufaceous clay soil. Few years ago in the close city of Orvieto has been found the skeleton of a whale!

For those reason the Fontesecca wine labels depict shell fossils, an integral part of the terroir. 

The wine we highly recommend to buy:

 Is the “PINO”, Old Sangiovese varieties, cultivated using organic farming methods. Fermentation without selected yeasts, at a temperature of under 30°C. Aging 13 months in large casks and barriques, 6 months in cement tanks and 8-12 months in the bottle. Pino is produced only in 2550 bottles!

How long are the tours?

The tour and tasting is  approximately one hour.

What should I wear?

We recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

How much it is?

This casual, standing wine tasting requires a reservation and is available for €10 per adult. 

How can i Book: 

Please contact Paolo Bolla: + 39 349 618 0516

Beatrice Bolla: + 39 348 0867542 info@fontesecca.it

vocabolo Fontesecca 30 06062 Città della Pieve – Perugia


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