Maledetti Toscani

Maledetti Toscani, the dolce vita shopping in Tuscany

From 1848 Maledetti Toscani is the place where to shop the real  Tuscan leather  fashion accessory  (bags, shoes, jackets…)

Their  great-great-grandfather, in 1848, after some years working in the mines, began the business enterprise of stationery and bookbinding. From then on a long series of historical events overlapped our own family’s history. Things like: the fall of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Garibaldi and the uniting of Italy, the First World War and Mussolini. Years pass, then we arrive in 1932, the year Livio Quadri (our grandfather) transferred his business to the location of the warehouses, cellars, and kitchens of the historic convent of the monks of Saint Stephen’s, our present location.

maledetti toscani montepulciano

maledetti toscani montepulciano

Maledetti Toscani has been a focal point for many decades by Poliziani (citizens of Montepulciano); tourists and many illustrious visitors such as Pirandello, Curzio Malaparte, Federico Fellini, and Prince Charles of England; politicians; artists and intellectuals.

Actually, Maledetti Toscani  brand are presently in more than 20 Italian cities as well as a few foreign countries such as France, Spain, England and the United States.

The main store is in Cortona in piazza della Repubblica. We also like the shop in Montepulciano where is also a small outlet on the ground flor, Via di Volataia nel Corso, 40.

If you like you can shop online: