We love to go at Zaira in Chiusi, only 10 minutes far from il Fontanaro to taste the etruscan food in a special and amazing cave restaurant! If you remember them that you are our guest you will receive a nice culinary gift.

Specialities: Trota in Carpione (Marinated Trout)

Pasta del Lucumone (Short Pasta cooked in the oven with Ham and Cheese)

Pici di Zaira (Home made Pasta with Ragu)

Rigatoni del Buongustaio (Short Pasta with Sausage,Meat and Chil Sauce)

Fazzoletti della Pastorella (Pancakes with Cheese and Mushrooms Filling)

Zuppa di Pane alla Contadina (Vegetable Soup with Bead)

Pappardelle col Coniglio (Noodles with Rabbit Sauce)

Cinghiale ai Funghi Porcini  (Boar with “Porcini”Mushrooms)

Coniglio al Limone (Rabbit with Lemon Sauce)

Anatra al Vino Nobile (Duck cooked in Nobile Wine Sauce)

Filetto al Profumo di Bosco (Tenderloin Steak cooked with Mushrooms)

Filetto in salsa Balsamica (Beef Tenderloin with Balsamic Grape sauce)

Piccione all’Etrusca (Pigeon in Herb Sauce with Olives)

Bistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine Sirloin Steak:charcoal-grilled Steak)

Ossobuco alla Toscana (Braised Shin meat with Bone)

Local and nationals wines

Where/Dove: Via Arunte 12, Chiusi tel. 00 39 0578 21260

Closed on Monday Chiusi il lunedì