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Jumping in the Etruscans baths of Tuscany!

Bagno Vignoni
What in traditional towns is a main square, in Bagno Vignoni is a huge thermal pool, but you can’t jump in there! Try the Parco dei Mulini for a free bath just steps away!

The thermal baths, probably well known even in Etruscan times, were definitely enjoyed by the Romans as testified by a plaque located under the arcade of the church of San Caterina, which indicates the consecrating of these waters to the Nymphs. Thanks to their close vicinity to Via Francigena, important thoroughfare which connected northern Europe to the Italic peninsular, these baths became more and more popular during the medieval period. Bagno Vignoni became a halting and refreshment point for the numerous pilgrims who traveled the Via Francigena on their way to Rome, one of the main destinations for the Christian pilgrimages. The thermal waters of Vignoni were used both for personal hygiene and for curing numerous illnesses. For this reason the spa also became a popular resort for famous dignitaries like Pope Pio II Piccolomini and Lorenzo il Magnifico.
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Bagni di San Filippo
San Filippo is only half an hour away from Bagno Vignoni and it has a similar past: the waters of San Filippo were known by Romans, became famous in Middle Ages, treated

famous people like Lorenzo il Magnificio and other princes of the Medici family.
In the heart of the Val d’Orcia, San Filippo is characterized by suggestive calcareous sediments made by the hot sulphurous water.
Only outside the small town, in the forest you can choose between a a pool carved in rock or you can cross a small bridge and take a mud bath.
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