Chiusi, la solita zuppa!

An intimate restaurant, delicious slow food, local and organic ingredients in a  friendly atmosphere.

In the menu there are a number of proposals related to the culinary culture of the past, such as the Lampredotto

osteria-la-solita-zuppa-fontanaro(classic “Fermin” the farmer) that is served with green sauce and combined with a whopping chianti.

Every day are proposed 5 types of fresh soups such as: Potatoes and Leeks, Artichokes … The dough is hand-made … delicious are Pici to Nana made ​​from duck noodles with white sauce and mushrooms roll the rolling pin …

Desserts are “homemade” with fresh ingredients.

The owner  run the whole place, seat you, take your order, etc…..

Highly recommended.

WHERE AND INFO :    Via porsenna, 21 53043 – Chiusi (SI)

tel 0039  0578.21006